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    About This Grant

    Need $4,000 To Help Your Business Grow?

    Apply for a business development grant from the NASE worth up to $4,000!

    You could receive up to $4,000 for your small business through the NASE Growth Grants program.

    Since 2006, the NASE has awarded nearly $1,000,000 to members like you through the Growth Grants program by providing small business grants.

    Grants can be used for marketing, advertising, hiring employees, expanding facilities and other specific business needs.

    Growth Grants are awarded at the sole discretion of the NASE. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will receive a grant. The NASE has the sole discretion to make no grant or present a higher or lower amount than requested. In its sole discretion, the NASE may award less than the totals indicated to be potentially available. The NASE will not discriminate based on race, religion, national origin, sex, age or disability. Decisions of the selection committee are final and are not subject to appeal. No application feedback will be given.

    Members who are employees of the NASE, sales associates, field service representatives, or contracted by the NASE are not eligible for this program.

    When is the application deadline?

    Grant applications are reviewed quarterly based on the following schedule:

    • Completed applications received in January, February and March will be reviewed in April.
    • Completed applications received in April, May and June will be reviewed in July.
    • Completed applications received in July, August and September will be reviewed in October.
    • Completed applications received in October, November and December will be reviewed in January of the following year.

    Eligibility Requirements