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Clean Energy Access Grant Account

This grant is provided by Public Utilities Commission

  • Grant Amount

    Up to $500K
  • Application Deadline

About This Grant

The Clean Energy Access Grant Account will award grants to CBOs & Tribal organizations to help facilitate access to & the adoption of clean energy programs in their respective communities. The CEA Grant Account will provide funding to develop equity initiatives & clean energy access opportunities that complement other CPUC programs.

How You Can Use the Funds

  • At the community level, the grant program is designed to bridge gaps and connect people to clean energy access programs. Eligible activities may include:
  • Community engagement
  • Marketing, outreach and enrollment support
  • Resource mapping and needs development
  • Project design and development
  • Capacity building and workforce development training
  • Coordination with Existing Program Administrators
  • Application and Implementation Technical Assistance
  • For example, funding from the CEA Grant Account could be used to:
  • Conduct community outreach to gather necessary information for a microgrid project through the MIP.
  • Conduct community outreach on the availability of SGIP and TECH to increase enrollment in underutilized communities
  • Improve awareness of training and workforce development opportunities for the TECH Initiative and provide financial or ancillary support to access these opportunities.
  • Develop pathways to use TECH to achieve building decarbonization in disadvantaged communities.
  • Hire technical assistance to support procuring a developer for a clean energy project through MIP or SGIP.

Documents Required

  • Apply online

Eligibility Requirements

  • Nonprofit Tribal Government
  • Applicants must be one of these types of entities:
  • California tax-exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Federally or non-federally recognized California Native American Tribes,as defined in (PRC) Section 21073.
  • Tribal entities, including organizations incorporated under Tribal law and wholly owned by the Tribe, Tribal Section 17 Corporations, and Tribal utilities and authorities operated under Tribal law.
  • To be eligible for these grants, proposed activities must be associated with the following CPUC programs: Microgrid Incentive Program (MIP), Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), and Technology and Equipment for Clean Heating (TECH) Program.