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Embark Program Grant

This grant is provided by REI CO-OP and FOUNDED OUTDOORS

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About This Grant

For New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Embark is a virtual, 3-month program designed to fuel new and aspiring entrepreneurs from Black, Indigenous, Latina/o/x, and Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities as you build a path forward by offering the resources and guidance to turn early-stage ideas into viable businesses. Embark runs from January 16, 2024 to April 19, 2024 and there is no program fee.



The program nurtures meaningful collaboration among 20 early-stage entrepreneurs. Share learnings, find accountability partners, and motivate one another.


Over the course of three months of workshops, fireside chats, and office hours, you’ll learn best practices from industry, startup, and domain experts. In addition, you’ll get valuable feedback on your business.

Financial Support

Participants are awarded $5,000 at the program start so you can spend more of your energy building your business. Upon completing the program, Founders will receive an additional $5,000 to invest in building their companies.

How You Can Use the Funds

  • You can expect to commit 10 hours a week to attending program sessions and working on your company. The program includes mandatory weekly workshops (2 hours a week), mandatory alternating fireside chats and peer groups (1 hour a week), and optional weekly office hours (1-2 hours a week), in addition to time spent working on your company outside of scheduled sessions.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You have a business idea at the design or prototype stage and are serious about turning it into a company in the next six months OR you've started your company in the last year but haven't yet done manufacturing and have made less than <$10k revenue.
  • You are building a product, service, or experience that inspires and equips people in their lives outside including gear, apparel, furniture, mobile app, website, e-commerce, retail, outdoor experience, service, food and beverage, skincare, etc.
  • You identify as a person of color from the Black, Indigenous, Latina/o/x, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.
  • You are based in the United States (US Citizenship is not required) and you are at least 18 years old.