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Our small business resources and assistance directory gives you access to organizations that can help your Southern California business. All you need to do is insert your information, choose an organization, and connect to the resources you need. As easy as 1-2-3.

  • Enter Your Info

    Enter your information in the left side form below. Be sure to select the Area of Assistance that best fits what you need. Then click the Refine Search button

  • Choose An Organization

    Click on the organization's logo or blue link to read more about how they can assist you.

  • Connect

    Connect with the organization in person by calling or emailing them directly or you can fill out the contact form and someone will contact you.

She found business resources. You can too!

“When it came to writing a business plan, I’d never written one. Off-time, online Robert (from the IE Small Business Development Center) was available and was instrumental in giving me confidence in doing what I wanted to do. I appreciate that he believed in my dream and offered support and resources to realize it.”

Yolanda Quam
Owner of Fuel Shack

Small Business Assistance Tool FAQ

If you are starting a business, narrow your search in the Small Business Assistance Tool above by adding your information, and under ‘Area of Assistance’, choose ’Starting a Business’ and click the Refine Search button to find a service provider to help you with your questions.

The service provider you choose in the Small Business Assistance Tool will be contacting you.

The cost to use the services from the organizations listed will vary. For more information on an organization’s services and pricing, click the “Contact This Organization” on the business listing and fill out the form to reach out to them.

The timeframe of a response will vary from organization to organization. However, these resources and organizations are vetted contacts that care about furthering your business.

While COVID-19 restrictions are in place, most programs will interact with you by email, text, webinar, online meeting platforms, and telephone

You are welcome to use the business assistance tool as many times as you like to get the help you need. Many times, if one program staff can’t help you, he or she will suggest others who can

The organizations listed in the assistance tool are vetted nonprofits or government agencies that are well known in the region for their excellence in providing consistent small business development services. At this time, private businesses are not listed and the site does not accept advertising.

MicroEnterprise Collaborative of Inland Southern California serves as the portal of small business resources in Inland Southern California, connecting small business owners to the help they need to start and run successful businesses.