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The Awesome Foundation Grant

This grant is provided by The Awesome Foundation

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About This Grant


Have a crazy brilliant idea that needs funding? The Awesome Foundation awards $1,000 in grants every month. It couldn’t be simpler! Your idea is yours alone. We don’t want a stake in it. We want to help you make it happen!

The Awesome Foundation is an ever-growing worldwide community devoted to forwarding the interest of awesome in the universe. Created in the long, hot summer days of 2009 in Boston, the Foundation distributes $1,000 grants, no strings attached, to projects and their creators. At each fully autonomous chapter, the money is pooled together from the coffers of ten or so self-organizing “micro-trustees” and given upfront in cash, check, or gold doubloons.

Documents Required

  • Fill out the online application
  • Tell us about your awesome project
  • How will you use the money?
  • Tell a bit about yourself
  • Upload images of your project

Eligibility Requirements

  • Anyone is eligible for a grant — individuals, groups, and organizations alike. If you can fill out the application form, you can apply.