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Programs and Initiatives of the Microenterprise Collaborative of Inland Southern California

The Microenterprise Collaborative provides a range of programs, initiatives, and services to support small business development for the Inland Southern California region.

Impacting Small Business Success in Inland Southern California

The small business programs and microlenders of the Microenterprise Collaborative work together to reach and serve small business owners of the region. Training and consulting in business skills such as management, finance, and marketing and small loans to grow, all contribute to a thriving business climate.

See the progress that’s been made and the goals for the coming year through the Impact report.
Business owners need help launching and growing their businesses. Business programs and micro-lenders need help reaching their customers. The Microenterprise Collaborative helps make that match with the Small Business Assistance Webtool.

Micro-businesses Create Jobs

90% of all businesses are micro-businesses and these small businesses (10 employees or less) contribute 20% of the employment. Micro-businesses not only contribute to the economy but they are sources for meaningful jobs that have important benefits like flexible schedules and opportunities to build a career. See what we’re learning about micro-businesses creating meaningful jobs.

We aim to help more small business owners become employers so they can grow their businesses and create good jobs for the economy.
Creating Meaning Jobs Report from Microenterprise Collaborative and Women's business centers of inland empire and coachella valley
Learn more about how micro-businesses create meaningful jobs in Inland Southern California by downloading this report.

Business Success Stories

Small business programs and micro-lenders foster the success of small business owners. Read about local businesses and how they were able to thrive and grow and contribute to the economy thanks to micro-business development.