Small business assistance
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Caring for the Employees of Small Businesses

Taking Care of Employees is the Goal for Small Businesses

Some of our small business owners who are employers treat their employees like family.  Having to cut back hours or lay people off is painful for all involved. If they can re-tool their businesses so their employees can keep working and generating revenue, that’s the ideal. A second choice is getting a loan through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Additional funds were made available this week. Applications can be processed through an SBA lender. Visit SBA’s website to find a lender.

Small Business Can Help Keep Employees Safe

Caring for employees like family means making sure they are kept safe while working. The CDC has guidance for employers on how to keep a safe workplace during the COVID-19 emergency. Find more information on the CDC’s website.

When Employees Have to Be Laid Off

If the worst happens and an employer must shorten hours or lay someone off, it’s helpful to provide the employee with the information about how to apply for unemployment benefits. For guidance for applying for unemployment, visit the State of California Employment Development Department’s website.

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