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Guide to Creating New Business Opportunities

Creating New Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Learn 5 Ways to Find New Business

Finding time to look for new opportunities is difficult when you’ve got your nose to the grindstone. You can’t afford to let yourself get into a rut. Taking a break and giving yourself time to reflect on where you are and where you want to go with your business, maybe what you need to get the creative juices flowing. Setting aside time to research, listen to experts, and brainstorm new ideas is an important part of running a small business.

How do you see yourself and your business in five years? Will you have expanded to a new location? Will you have more employees who’ll manage the day-to-day for you? Will you roll out a new, exciting product? What aspects of your work do you enjoy the most? Where do you excel? What can you delegate to staff or partners? Once you’ve envisioned the future of your business, the next steps are to lay the path to that vision. Open your mind to possibilities by exposing yourself to new circumstances and ways of thinking. The following are a few ways to bring vitality to your business growth trajectory:

Guide to Creating New Business Opportunities

1. Take a Class

When managing a business, it seems like every day you’re teaching others, whether training employees or educating your customers. Put yourself in a learning mode. Be around people who question the status quo or have a different take on how things should be done. Think about the practical applications of what you’re learning and experiment with a different approach.

2. Network With Businesses Who Sell to Your Customer

Perhaps they see trends, problems to solve, or new opportunities with your target market that you didn’t notice. Listen to what they’re learning and see how that changes your approach to serving your customer.

3. Utilize the Resources Offered by Your Trade Association

If you can identify the industry you work in, most likely there is a trade association that serves your interests. Trade associations conduct research, analyze trends, and promote beneficial public policies for their member businesses. Most will have helpful documents and website links that will assist with your research to plan the future path for your business.

4. Encourage Your Employees to Brainstorm

Some of the best ideas for new directions for your business can come from those who work directly with your customers, your valued employees. Hold regular brainstorming sessions for ideas on cost-cutting, new products, or streamlining processes. Create a work environment that shows you appreciate experimentation and are willing to try their ideas.

5. Listen to Your Customers

One of the best things you can do to retain your steady customers is to ask them for ideas on how to improve what you offer. Provide a way for
them to give feedback easily or take your best customer out for coffee. If you indicate you’re open to suggestions, your customers will have all kinds of ideas for new products or improved services that will build your business.

Finding the time to stimulate new ideas for your business may seem like a luxury, but an openness to listening, learning and experimenting will create the space for new opportunities that will help your business growth goals become a reality.

There are benefits to trying these ideas to creating ideas. Use the Small Business Assistance Tool to find assistance and resources for starting, growing, and accelerating your business.

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